The Joe Hill Roadshow Kicks off with a sold-out show

The JoeHill Road Show kicked off May 1 with a standing-room-only crowd at Chicago’s Hideout, and is presently riding the rails toward St. Paul.

We debuted a new Joe Hill centenary t-short (available in sizes from Small to 3XL), which will go up on our Store page in the next few days, along with a Joe Hill centenary button and a reissue of the Joe Hill Memorial Edition of the IWW’s Little Red songbook issued shortly after his execution.

Plans for the Eastern, Southern and Western legs of the tour are shaping up and will be posted soon.

2 replies on “The Joe Hill Roadshow Kicks off with a sold-out show”

stickers… I want to print 3 inch stickers…
what are we doing to distribute IWW music electronically now? I’m looking for some sort of another or easier music exchange… for example… where are wobblies e-exchanging the music of mike stout and ann feeney??? every wobbly should have a new selection every week on a flash drive… some how in all this e-universe/I’m missing the window to exchange the music I care about the most in thoughtful places. you know how hard it is to try and curate a reasonable selection of IWW music, even in the IWW literature department???

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