JoeHill100 moving


The transition has been completed, and our site should be back to full functionality.

original post:

For more than a year, our webhosting service (EZOS) has been refusing our requests for technical support. They have also refused to provide access to our domain registration, and the phone number and contact information available through WhoIs for the domain registrar they used appears to be bogus.

Without access to the domain registration we cannot switch to a new webhost, and so we are forced to abandon even though the domain is registered for the next several years. We expect this site will go dark at some point in September, access to its contents should be available through the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine). Alternately, you can download any files you are interested in access to so long as this site remains live. We do not anticipate being able to regain access to this domain.

Our annual labor history calendar will continue to be available through, and we can be contacted via email [iwwhlf at] or by post [PO Box 42531, Philadelphia PA 19101] to order Joe Hill-related literature or other material we distribute. We regret the inconvenience, but this is an issue we have been trying to resolve for many months without success and there are no remaining options to keep the site live available.