labor history calendar

2024 labor history calendar published

This year’s Solidarity Forever labor history calendar commemorates struggles including the Detroit auto workers whose sit-down strikes in the 1970s fought speed-ups and racist supervisors to the 1910 uprising of New York garment workers; the Parisian cafe workers who stopped work to stop managers from stealing their tips to Alabama sanitation workers’ long struggle demanding union recognition and decent working conditions; from Tokyo workers who beseiged the stock exchange to demand fair wages to maritime workers fighting Taft-Hartley injunctions to London dockworkers whose direct action freed shop stewards jailed for enforcing union conditions.

Copies are $13.95 postpaid ($15.95 outside North America); a bundle of five to the same address is $41.95. Calendars open to 11 by 17 inches, with a color cover and black and white insides. As always, they are union-printed and can be ordered at