Joe Hill Centenary

We continue to post announcements of Joe Hill-related exhibitions and performances to our Events page and our newsletter as we learn of them. We encourage anyone organizing such to post the details as a comment or to write us at iwwhlf [at]

2024 Solidarity Forever Labor History Calendar

This year we commemorate struggles including the Detroit auto workers whose sit-down strikes in the 1970s fought speed-ups and racist supervisors, the 1910 uprising of New York garment workers, Parisian cafe workers whose quickie strikes stopped managers from stealing their tips, Alabama sanitation workers’ long struggle demanding union recognition and decent working conditions, Tokyo workers who beseiged the stock exchange to demand fair wages, maritime workers fighting Taft-Hartley injunctions, London dockworkers whose direct action freed shop stewards jailed for enforcing union conditions, and more… $13.95 ($15.95 outside North America); order on the Shop page.

Joe Hill: en man med manga identiter

(Joe Hill: A Man of Many Identities), a play by Emma Boström, is touring Sweden in November and December 2023, and will be performed in Stockholm in April 2024.

Details are on our events page, which is updated with Joe Hill-related events as we learn of them.


Joe Hill Monument in Salt Lake City

108 years after his judicial murder by Utah authorities, the monument was unveiled Nov. 19 at Sugarhouse Park, site of the crime. The Central Utah Federation of Labor/AFL-CIO said the marker “will stand as a symbol of his enduring spirit and will serve as a reminder of the power of collective action.”

Joe Hill book coverThe Case of Joe Hill

The Case of Joe Hill by Philip Foner was reissued in 2022 by International Publishers, with a new Foreword by Erica Smiley, executive director of Jobs with Justice that discusses developments since the book’s original publication.


James Connolly centenary

May 2016 marked the centenary of the murder of labor and socialist organizer James Connolly. We offer A Full Life: James Connolly The Irish Rebel, a graphic history of his life and legacy, on our products page. Patika Publishing released a Turkish-language edition in September 2022.

Gifts for all seasons…

We have a wide array of Joe Hill and labor-oriented material suitable for gifts, including:

A Full Life: James Connolly The Irish Rebel

2024 Solidarity Forever Labor History Calendar

Direct Action Gets the Goods women’s cut T-shirts

Joe Hill centenary T-shirts (S, 3XL only)

Fred Alpi singing Joe Hill and other labor songs in French

The Shelby Bottom Duo singing songs of Joe Hill

Joe Hill’s letters and other writings

Carlos Cortez linocut poster, Joe Hill.

the definitive biography of Joe Hill, by William Adler

The 3rd edition of Joyce Kornbluh’s Rebel Voices: An IWW Anthology

and full color Christmas Cards drawn by Joe Hill in his Salt Lake City jail cell

We continue to offer Joe Hill t-shirts (only two sizes remain), a book of Joe Hill’s collected writings, recordings of his songs by Fred Alpi, the Shelby Bottom Duo, Bucky Halker, etc., and to add new Joe Hill events to our calendar (and to notify site subscribers) as we learn of them.

San Pedro Joe Hill Memorial

The only public memorial in the United States to this legendary organizer and songwriter was unveiled in January 2017. (It has since been joined by a new monument in Salt Lake City – see above.) The 8-foot-wide plaque features Hill holding a guitar, with the IWW’s universal label over his head. His gaze is fixed on a sea of San Pedro workers confronted by policemen, their batons raised. ILWU members, Wobblies and others were present for the unveiling. Joe Hill was secretary of the San Pedro dockworkers’ strike committee, and lived there for several years before the blacklist sent him to Utah.

About this website

November 2015 marked the centenary of the judicial murder of IWW organizer and songwriter Joe Hill. This site features information on Joe Hill’s life, a listing of events around the world marking the centenary, the text of all of Joe Hill’s surviving songs (with links to the music and selected performances), and other information. Suggestions for additional material are welcome.

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Events commemorating Joe Hill’s life and marking the centenary of his murder

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21 replies on “Joe Hill Centenary”

Hello , as you already know, ” ApARTe°”-irregular materials of libertarian culture – is working on a book on Joe Hill’s life and murder.
The book on Joe Hill will have about 120/132 pages in black & white and 12 more four-color .
It will be in three languages (Italian , Swedish and English) , as were many flyers IWW .
Its format will be 22x22cm.
Along with the book there’ll be a CD ” Non dimenticherò mai Joe Hill / Never forget Joe Hill / Aldrig Glomma Joe Hill” to which almost one hundred of international artists have taken part.
In addition to this, we’ll insert a booklet of a play by Upton Sinclair, “Singing Jail Birds”.
Here in Italy there’s already great expectation for this book; they talked about this release at the important Premio Tenco in Sanremo 2014.

Great way to pay tribute to Joe Hill!
Just a footnote: If you want to translate the English title “Never forget Joe Hill” (the imperative form of the verb) into Swedish it should be
“Glöm aldrig Joe Hill”. The title listed (“Aldrig Glomma Joe Hill”) is not Swedish, either in construction or spelling.
All the best,
Anne-Charlotte Harvey

I read some of the articles about the Joe Hill Centenary in the recent issues of the Industrial Worker yesterday. Thanks… good journalism and IWW writing there.
I heard that Joe Hill’s ashes were sprinkled in the guitars of IWWs. That IWW musicians lined up with their instruments, guitars, violins, a cello, banged a couple songs out, and then utah sprinkled ashes into the instruments.
Is this true?
Are there more of Joe Hill’s ashes that can be distributed in this way?
Can we recycle dust from instruments that have already been anointed in this way to christen more IWW instruments??? that would be nice.
Thanks! Kenneth Miller

The story was about Bruce “Utah” Phillips. Duncan Phillips, his son, said; His songs and his stories were more or less my inheritance. That, and an old curly-top maple Guild guitar, which still carries some of the activist Joe Hill’s ashes.

Joe Hill’s Last Will – A Codicil

We watch as seasons come and go
But hard times always stay, we know
A hundred years long you’ve been gone
Your song, Joe Hill, still carries on

Looking forward to Joe Hill concert tonight in San Francisco as part of Labor Fest 2015. Also I’ve just written a biography of the Oregon delegate, Marie Equi, who was asked to disperse Joe Hill’s ashes. She was a medical doctor and did not qualify to become a regular IWW member but the local in Portland made her an honorary member. She also lived with Elizabeth Gurley Flynn in Portland, OR on and off for nine years. MARIE EQUI: Radical Politics & Outlaw Passions by Michael Helquist, to be released Sept 15, 2015 by Oregon State University Press.

Thank you much for doing this!!!
My grandparents were union folk
who greatly admired Joe Hill,
Gene Debs, and Lucy Parsons.

from moggie

I was in the audience at the Joe Hill concert last night at the Old Socialist Labor Hall. My ears are still echoing with all the great music. Thanks so much. One suggestion, however: Please try to incorporate some music and commentary about the contemporary class and other struggles like Occupy Wall Street and BlackLivesMatter. (Don’t get caught flatfooted on the latter like Bernie did in Phoenix.) There are still revolutionary socialists and anarchists trying to make history and bring down the System. We are not just historical items for nostalgia!

Thanks for your comment. Wasn’t at the Barre show, but I do know that in Philadelphia there was a dedication (with fairly extensive commentary) of one song to Sandra Bland, and another to Freddie Gray (noting that they had done the same in the Baltimore show the night before). And Charlie King did a song, “Bring Back the 8-Hour Day,” that explicitly connects the current decline in working conditions to the struggles of 100 (and 125) years ago.
Surely “Dump the Bosses Off Your Back,” “Solidarity Forever,” “The Banks Are Made of Marble” (explicitly discussed in terms of recent events in Philly) and “There is Power” (all part of the set list in Philadelphia) speak as much to current conditions as to historical ones.

On September 5, 2015 there will be a party and concert for Joe Hill at Sugar House Park, in Salt lake City. This is the site of the old Utah State Prison, where he was murdered in 1915 by firing squad.

Where exactly in the park will this event take place? It’s a big park. Where do we enter the park from by car to get to the site?

Utah Phillips received Joe Hill’s ashes from me when i was the office manager for the Western Montana IWW GMB back in the ’80’s. A couple of pinches of Joe’s remains also reside in my guitar (which also has IWW in mother-of-pearl on the headstock).

Mark, there is also a photo on the Reuther Library site of Utah Phillips at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., in 1988.

Caption; Utah Phillips receives Joe Hill’s Ashes from Trudy Peterson while Fred Lee watches at the National Archives.

Dr. Marie Equi, a radical lesbian doctor and activist, received Joe Hill’s ashes on behalf of Oregon. She was a close, supportive colleague of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn when the latter was trying to intercede on Hill’s behalf with President Wilson and many others. Equi’s full biography now available for the first time: “MARIE EQUI: Radical Politics & Outlaw Passions,” order through indie bookstores or at familiar online book sources.


Utah called me when I was running the Wob office in Missoula to ask if FW Art Nurse could fund his quick trip to D.C from Saratoga Springs NY where he would be playing that weekend. FW Nurse ponied up the cash to fly Phillips to Washington so he could be there for the ceremony.

There will be a Joe Hill Centenary event in Melbourne, Australia, on Thursday 19 Novemer. The venue is the Victorian TradesHall, cnr Lygon and Victoria Streets, Carlton, commencing at 5.00 pm. We will be screening Bo Widerberg’s long-lost film ‘Joe Hill’ in a newly restored and digitally remastered version produced by the National Library of Sweden. For further information please contact me at

Hi Folks,
I’ve just completed a Youtube video to mark 100th anniversary of Joe Hills’s execution at Salt Lake City, next Thursday, November 19th, which you may wish to watch and circulate.


Barry Cullen

Yes, we are still filling orders and have several copies left. We are shipping calendars three times a week, and there is still time as we write (Friday) for orders to arrive in most of the U.S. by Christmas.

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