Labor Day Weekend Joe Hill Commemoration in Salt Lake City

joe-hill-who-is-singing-300x300Plans are firming up for a huge Joe Hill Centennial Celebration Saturday, Sept. 5, in Salt Lake City, Utah, with eight acts committed for a day-long free concert on the main stage, and several more on a side stage.

The free concert will be held Noon to 8 pm at Sugar House Park, on the site of the now-demolished prison where Joe Hill was murdered by Utah authorities 100 years ago.

Judy Collins will headline; other committed performers include Anne Feeney, Mark Ross, David Rovics, Joe Jencks and Mischief Brew perform on the main stage; additional performers (including an entire side stage) to be announced.

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Wish I could attend! Say, can you tell me how I might purchase
three copies of the Joe Hill Centennial concert posters?

an APWU retiree in Eugene, Oregon

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