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Joe Hill presentation in Chicago

An event will be held in Chicago Dec. 12 in conjunction with the release of the book of Joe Hill’s writings, The Letters of Joe Hill. (Copies are available from us) And an Exhibition on the life and legacy of Joe Hill continues at the American Swedish Historical Museum, Philadelphia.

12/12/2015 Presentation: “Don’t Mourn, Organize!” commemorating the life of Joe Hill and raising funds for Haymarket Books, publisher of the expanded edition of The Letters of Joe Hill. Bill Ayers, Rick Kogan, Maya Schenwar, Jesse Sharkey, Sharon Smith, James Thindwa, and other special guests will read from Joe Hill’s writings and perform his songs. Saturday, Dec. 12, 7:00 p.m., Preston Bradley Center, 941 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago. Tickets $10 – $45, includes a copy of the new edition of The Letters of Joe Hill, compiled by Alexis Buss, with a new foreword by Tom Morello.

Several media outlets ran articles on Joe Hill in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of his judicial murder, including:

  • Green Left Weekly, Rod Owens, “Joe Hill — remembering a ‘troubadour of discontent’ 100 years on from his execution.”
  • Huffington Post, Julie Gutman Dickinson, “What Labor Icon Joe Hill Can Still Teach the World 100 Years After His Death.”
  • Jacobin, “Don’t Mourn, Organize! Two Letters by Joe Hill.”
  • In These Times, David Cochran, “Remembering the Life and Music of Labor Agitator Joe Hill, Who Was Executed 100 Years Ago Today.” (Reprinted in Duluth News-Tribune)
  • Ireland’s Own, “100th Anniversary of the Execution of Joe Hill.” (draws on Jim Larkin connection)
  • Labor Notes, Jon Bekken, “‘Striking on the Job’: Joe Hill’s Living Message.”
  • New York Daily News, Mara Bovsun, “Joe Hill, who was executed by firing squad in Utah 100 years ago, inspired generations of musicians from Woody Guthrie to Bruce Springsteen.”
  • The Progressive, Jonathan Rosenblum, “Joe Hill’s Ghost Still Sings: ‘Pie in the Sky, That’s a Lie!'”
  • The Real News, Interview with Alexis Buss, “Remembering Joe Hill.”
  • Salt Lake Tribune, Jeremy Harmon, “A Family Finds Piece.” (One of several pieces published during the centenary week to their Joe Hill website)
  • San Francisco IndyMedia, Bob English, “Joe Hill’s Last Will, 100 Years Later.”
  • Waging Nonviolence, Nadine Bloch, “100 years later: 5 timeless lessons from Joe Hill.”

IWW members marked the centenary of the execution with a vigil in Salt Lake City and soapboxing across the United States.  Here are two photos from Albany, New York:


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Bucky Halker, Chicago musician, singer-songwriter and Labor Historian, will also be performing songs from his recent release “Anywhere But Utah: Songs of Joe Hill” at the event. Alexis Buss also designed the CD cover for this album.

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